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Farewell Dinner

Friday, 19 July 2019, 7:30 pm

We are pleased to invite you to the farewell dinner that will take place in a unique setting 15 km from Kraków – the Royal Castle in Niepołomice.

The Royal Castle is located in the centre of Niepołomice, opposite the market square and next to the historic plant park. Founded on a square plan with a large arcade courtyard and a gallery, today it serves art and cultural events. Currently it has been meticulously restored to its stately beauty and is a genuine treasure in this small, medieval and quaint town. It is a gem of Renaissance architecture, a living proof of the exceptional artistry of Tomasz Grzymała and the Italian sculptor, Santi Gucci. This magnificent castle building and its grounds has withstood the test of time and the turbulent events throughout its history and has left a true-to-life chronicle of our history. For centuries, the castle was also used as a leisure residence for royals, also known as ‘the second Wawel’. (source:

The evening will be enriched by a short performance of a court dance ensemble. So, please come and enjoy this unforgettable experience.


Royal Castle in Niepołomice. By Tobol; uploaded to Commons by Janmad - plWiki, Domena publiczna

Tthe Royal Castle in Niepołomice.
(By Tobol; plWiki, Public domain)